Friday, April 27, 2012

Nokia Lumia Quest for Australians



Want to get hold of a brand new white colour Nokia Lumia 800 courtesy of Telstra and Nokia Australia ? You are in luck because they are giving them away in treasure hunt like contest in some of the major cities in Australia. You will get to keep the device and also get a Telstra $50 Pre-Paid Cap Encore recharge with $1000.00 credit and 2GB of data. According to the contest page Two Nokia Lumia 800s will be hidden in each major city every day for a week. Clues will be posted on their Facebook page.

Brisbane : Monday – 7 May 2012

Melbourne : Tuesday – 8 May 2012

Perth : Wednesday – 9 May 2012

Adelaide : Thursday – 10 May 2012

Sydney : Friday – 11 May 2012

I wonder how many of you are going to call in sick on those days . Don’t be surprise to see me running around in Melbourne on 8th May, if I don’t have to go in for work.

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