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Sponsored: Create better everything with LG's new UltraWide QHD curved monitor

Tear down the barriers between you and your art

Technology can be a wonderful boon for creative professionals, but it can also get in the way of creativity, when the interface between you and the tools of your trade pales compared with real life.

LG's new UltraWide curved monitor neatly puts a bow on that problem by providing an immersive experience you can get lost in, breaking down the barriers between you and what you create, no matter what that may be.

LG's 34UC97 monitor rocks a 34-inch QHD-resolution display — that's an incredibly dense 3440 x 1440 pixels — with a beautifully wide 21:9 aspect ratio.

It provides the most screen real estate for editing videos, designing graphics and other creative tasks, while it's curved frame subtly mimics the shape of your vision. (Did we mention that it's great for QHD gaming, too?)

So what are you going to do with this beautiful machine?

The best monitor for creative professionals

Graphic designers are using the LG 34UC97 to run entire Adobe editing suites at once, chaining four of them together to fill their peripheral vision and multiply their creative juices.

Meanwhile digital composers, whose workspace is cluttered with gear and cables, and photographers, who constantly juggle multiple types of tech, can use a single 34UC97 to replace two or more lesser monitors, saving physical space while improving their digital real estate.

The 34UC97's dual Thunderbolt 2 connectors, two HDMI jacks, twin USB 3.0 inputs, and single DisplayPort let video editors daisy-chain as many monitors, computers, storage devices, cameras, printers, and scanners together as they need, while the LG monitor provides the best possible screen for detailed and professional-grade editing.

Or you can always go totally nuts and chain 20 together like the filmmakers in the above video.

LG engineered its IPS display technology specifically to avoid the viewing angle and color shift issues that can plague other wide-screen monitors, making it perfect for anyone who works in a visual medium. With vivid colors, a crystal-clear image and a curve that recreates exactly how you see the world, this monitor is the perfect choice for creative professionals in any medium.

The LG 34UC97 can round out your creative process, doing away with hard edges and flat spaces so you can do what you do best with technology that helps instead of hindering. If only everything in life could be so easy.

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Assassin's Creed Unity players will get freebies to make up for botched launch

Ubisoft is trying to make up for the bug-filled release of Assassin's Creed Unity earlier this month for the Xbox One and other platforms, with either a free game or a free DLC pack, while also apologizing to its players.

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Black Friday: a brief history of madness and discounts

Finally! It's the time of year once more when Americans line up outside of major retail outlets at absurdly early hours in an effort to score the lowest prices on all manner of consumer goods. Looking for a washer/dryer on the cheap? How about a Sams...

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OnePlus is opening a retail store in China

Still haven't scored an invitation for a OnePlus One, and missed out on the rare public sales? You may want to book a flight to China. OnePlus has revealed its first-ever retail shop, which will officially open in Beijing on December 20th. As you mig...

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Review – Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse

Often times it can be difficult for laptop and tablet users to adjust from working with their home setup to doing work on the road. Moving from a full-size external keyboard and mouse to the device's smaller keyboard and touchpad or a travel-size mouse can be uncomfortable.

As someone who works this way fairly often, I feel it is important to point out when I come across something that helps create a consistent computing experience whether I am at home using my Surface Pro 3 on its dock or working remotely at a coffee shop.

Microsoft's Wedge Touch Mouse is just such a device, though you wouldn't necessarily think so based on its design.

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You can now buy a 7-inch Windows 8.1 tablet from Micro Center for just $59.99

US electronics retailer Micro Center has started selling a 7-inch version of its Windbook Windows 8.1 tablet after launching 8-inch models earlier this year. More importantly, the new WinBook TW70CA17 model is on sale for just $59.99, which is the lowest price we have seen yet for a new Windows 8.1 tablet.

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The Windows Phone Store is slacking but your apps are still there

Every once in awhile the Windows Phone Store throws a small tantrum causing apps to not be properly indexed by the system. As a result, many of you begin to think your favorite apps have been "pulled" or "deleted" or "removed" from the Store, all due to some mysterious reason.

As it turns out, nine times out of ten the apps are still there, accessible via a direct Store link. Very rarely are apps actually removed. Case in point, Skype, Vine, and Rudy Huyn's apps are all still alive and well on the Store.

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