Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Bittorrent Sync Pro lets employees share folders from their PCs

Bittorrent's done beta testing its cloud-alternative Sync tool, so it's now releasing not just the stable version, but also a Pro one for businesses. Sync 2.0 still lets you share folders saved on your computer using web links, but it also comes with...

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Super-efficient 'Vulkan' leaves your games more graphics power

Psst: the games you play might not look as good (or run as smoothly) as they could. In many cases, the overhead from graphics standards gets in the way -- Apple went so far as to develop its own technology just to make sure that iPhones and iPads cou...

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You can unlock this smartphone with the blood vessels in your eyes

Tired of punching in numbers or swiping strange patterns to unlock your smartphone? Fingerprint and facial recognition have been tried before with varying levels of success, and now ZTE thinks it can offer something better. The company's Grand S3 sma...

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Using NVIDIA's streaming, Android TV set-top box: the Shield

You already know what NVIDIA's latest Shield hardware is: an Android TV-powered set-top box that uses the latest chip from NVIDIA. It streams games over the company's "Netflix for gaming" platform known as GRID; it streams games from your local PC; i...

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Apple now ships more smartphones than Samsung, if you ask Gartner

When we last checked in on the battle for the top spot in the smartphone market, Apple and Samsung were neck and neck. If you ask Gartner, though, it isn't quite so evenly matched. The analyst group estimates that Apple managed to edge past Samsung i...

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Crysis 3, Doom 3 and more ported to Android, powered by NVIDIA

"Can it play Crysis?" is the question people are still asking after all these years, despite the vast majority of game hardware now being more than capable of running Crytek's gorgeous first-person shooter. It's how NVIDIA introduced Crysis 3 this we...

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Shield: NVIDIA's gaming-focused Android TV set-top box

Another year, another new Shield device from NVIDIA. What's Shield? It's the hardware line from NVIDIA that spans a bizarre handheld game console, a powerful gaming tablet, and now an Android TV-powered set-top box. NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang unveiled...

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