Wednesday, August 20, 2014

This is Cortana with the Dot View case for the HTC One for Windows

Cases are always an optional accessory on phones, but the Dot View case for the HTC One M8 for Windows is much more than just protection. The case is interactive, showing owners useful information like the time, current temperature and the current conditions. The case is 'dot view' because of the mesh screen gives users a dot-matrix picture of that info.

On the new Windows Phone version, Microsoft and HTC added something unique to the equation: Cortana integration. Although all Windows Phone 8.1 devices in the US get Cortana, the HTC One (M8) for Windows goes a step further by adding a feature to the Dot View case. Users simply swipe down on the case when the phone is in standby, and Cortana comes to life.

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Weekly photo contest: Outdoors

It's time for another weekly photo contest. Last week we decided to tackle motion with our Windows Phone cameras. Now this week we'll try and capture the outdoors. Get outside and shoot!

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Google sees over 1 million daily takedown requests for pirate links

While sites like The Pirate Bay are busy improving the experience for the torrent-loving crowd, Google's facing the task of processing an extreme amount of removal request for pirate links. According to a recent transparency report on the matter,...

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MLB hopes to ease blackouts on streaming local games

With, Major League Baseball's subscription-based streaming option, your local team's home games are blacked out due to TV and/or cable deals. That could change as early as next season though, as Bob Bowman, the league's head of Advanced Media,...

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Xbox One Titanfall bundle discontinued

Microsoft's Xbox head Phil Spencer has revealed that the company won't offer the Xbox One game console in a bundle with Respawn Entertainment's sci-fi shooter Titanfall anymore.

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HTC One M8 for Windows borrows double-tap to wake feature from Nokia

When the Windows Phone 8.1 SDK leaked back in February, double-tap to wake was seen in the documentation, suggesting that Nokia's tech was being opened to all OEMs. Fast-forward to August and HTC's new One for Windows is the first non-Lumia Windows Phone to feature this useful technology.

Double-tap to wake came to Nokia Lumias in mid-2013. The optional tool lets users tap their display twice when it is off, letting people turn on their phones without using the power-button. Double-tap has always been a useful feature, especially if you only have one-hand available and you would like to use your phone.

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Watch two fish duke it out in 'Street Fighter' on a live internet stream

The bar has been raised for fish-controlled video games. Not content with the solo action of Fish Plays Pokemon, Andrew Hill has launched FishPlayStreetFighter, a Twitch stream that lets you watch two fish (Aquarius and Robert the Bruce) square off...

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