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Lumia 830, 730, 735 rolling out in Brazil starting next week

Microsoft begin selling the Lumia 830, 730, and 735 starting next week in Brazil. The Lumia 830 will launch next week with the Lumia 730 and 735 coming in the following weeks.

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Windows 10 Technical Preview Now Available to Download

Windows 10 Technical Preview Now Available to Download

Want to be a Windows Insider and check out the new Windows 10 OS before anyone else on your tablet and PC? You can now download Windows 10 tech preview.

To sign up, simply navigate to the address below and sign in with your Microsoft Account. Once completed, you will see a welcome message and you’ll also be able to find a download link to get started. Estimated files sizes are a few gigabytes and the install may take some time.

It’s worth noting that, like all software previews, please be aware that they may be risks associated with participating, so it may be better to use a secondary machine, or run in VM. Microsoft also mentioned this on yesterday’s reveal, also saying that they’ll be releasing updates quicker “than we ever have before” so expect to be on the bleeding edge of new changes and updates.

Sign up for the technical preview and Insider program here.

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Beats sues headphone startup CEO for saying he's a co-founder

Beats isn't happy that ROAM CEO Steven Lamar is taking credit for co-founding its headphone business and demanding extra royalties -- it's firing back with a lawsuit of its own. The Apple-owned company claims that Lamar "deliberately misrepresented"...

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Windows 10 Technical Preview now available for download

As promised Tuesday, Microsoft has released the Windows 10 Technical Preview for Enterprise, allowing PC enthusiasts to try out a very early version of the company's next OS release.

Microsoft is making the Technical Preview available through their Windows Insider Program, which lets users download and try the new OS prior to its release sometime in mid-2015.

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World’s Biggest Word Search Now Available on Windows Phone With New Mode

World’s Biggest Word Search Now Available on Windows Phone With New Mode

Popular word search game World’s Biggest Word Search from developer Appy Nation has made the jump from iOS and Android to land right on Windows Phone 8’s doorstep and it brings with it an all-new playing mode.

The new mode, Kids’ Puzzle introduces 100 puzzle grids to solve and 1,000 words to find.

There’s also a “MAMMOTH puzzle,” with 5,000 words hidden in a grid of over 60,000 letters. The developer says the puzzle is “hand-crafted with over 350 carefully selected and edited themes and many secrets and challenges to discover.”

“World’s Biggest Wordsearch has been a huge success with grown-up word search fans, so adding a Kids’ Puzzle was the next logical step,” said Pete Williamson, MD, Supersonic Software. “As for the future, there are certainly other types of puzzle that could be adapted to the ‘World’s Biggest’ format – we’ll have more details to announce very soon.”

QR Code
WB Word Search

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Some of the challenges you’ll face include:

  • Find all 5,000 words

  • Complete each of the 361 themed sections

  • Collect all 45 of the prestigious trophies

  • Complete all 57 quests

  • Unlock all 10 achievements

  • Find all 750 Bonus Names

  • Uncover the 60 words of the Secret Message

The new update also includes revamped graphics, including a new “brand identity” that you can see in the graphic on this article. There were also a number of tweaks to the look and feel of the game.

And, of course, Windows Phone 8 is fully supported for the first time.

Download the World’s Biggest Word Search using the QR code above and leave your thoughts about the game in the comments below.

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Google+ now lets you lock down posts based on age and location

So, making your Google+ posts available for viewing only to people in your circles isn't enough. Maybe you routinely post risque stuff you don't want minors to see, or things you'd rather share only with your countrymen. It doesn't matter what your...

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California limits schools' social media monitoring

In California, school officials are now required to be more transparent when tracking a student's online activity. Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill earlier this week requiring parents to be notified when a school is peering at their kids' online...

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