Thursday, July 24, 2014

LG sells a record 14.5 million smartphones as profits nearly triple

LG has just reported a record quarter for mobile phone sales, showing that it's taking advantage of a slump from arch-rival Samsung. LG sold 14.5 million handsets over the last quarter, its highest total ever and 20 percent more than last year --...

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Samsung's leaked Galaxy Alpha looks like a smaller, prettier S5

Many have assumed that Samsung's fabled metal smartphone would be a very high-end device, but some new leaks hint that it could be considerably more modest. Both SamMobile and Tinhte have posted photos of the Galaxy Alpha (shown on the right), a...

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Samsung has contributed to BlueStacks, to keep Gamepop alive

Gamepop Samsung Bluestacks partnership

Do you remember the Android gaming box called Gamepop that was set to take over your living room gaming experience? It was big news early last year, but it sort of fell off the radar. But you’d be wrong to consider Gamepop a dead concept, as their current round of funding just got a big bump by Samsung.

With Samsung’s contribution, Gamepop’s manufacturer, BlueStacks, adds $13 million to their total raised in their current campaign to deliver Gamepop as a white-label solution for TV makers and cable providers.

BlueStacks is an Android virtualization program for Windows and Mac that allows you to run Android apps on your PC. They even have some efforts going with partner AMD to bring a dual-OS Android/Windows PC to market later this year. We wonder how that will differ from previous bundled efforts. As you’d imagine, this virtualization is used to power the Gamepop platform.

BlueStacks GamePop

Gamepop was originally slated to be a set-top box, not entirely unlike Android TV, the Amazon Fire TV, and of course, one of the original Android gaming boxes, Ouya. Poor reviews of the initial hardware knocked the wind out of their sails. In deciding to support BlueStacks, Samsung praised Gamepop’s techniques for translating touch input to TVs and remote controls. A player like Samsung would be more than capable of building Gamepop as a white-label service directly into their huge line of televisions.

Gamepop has a few new backers this year, with Ubisoft and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment stepping up in March. Qualcomm, Intel, Redpoint, ARM and others are already on the books as contributors to BlueStacks current funding campaign.

BlueStacks claims that they’ve got a few other big names in their partners list, but they are keeping quiet on who they may be. They also dropped the hint that they will announce soon a major partnership that could make a huge difference moving forward. We were excited for Gamepop last year, let’s hope things happen a little faster for them this year.

What do you think, can a BlueStacks powered Android gaming service change your Android-in-the-living-room experience?

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Google Voice offers web-based calls through Hangouts, no G+ profile needed

The rumor is that eventually we're going to see Google Voice merged completely into Hangouts, and that's getting even closer to becoming reality. You can now make phone calls via Hangouts directly from the Google Voice website, no Google+ necessary....

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Google Maps' new, context-savvy local guide reaches Android

Google quietly slipped out a big upgrade to Maps' local discovery features on iOS a couple of weeks ago, and today it's Android's turn. Once your device gets the refresh, you should see a new Explore guide that offers suggestions for things to do...

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New Lumia 530 forums now open!

The Windows Phone Central forums are the absolute best place in the world to talk, share, and experience the Windows Phone and Microsoft community. Today Microsoft announced the Lumia 530! We've already got forums and threads aplenty set up for your discussion pleasure. Jump in now and let us know your take on today's announcement!

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Microsoft updates Cortana with recommendations for nearby places and local apps

Yesterday we saw Cortana get updated on the background with a few changes or Windows Phone 8.1. If you went into Cortana's Interests you'd see a local events finder. Microsoft stated that they'd be updating Cortana every few weeks. Today some users see a few more categories under the Interest's section – recommendations for nearby places and local apps.

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