Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Microsoft offers a peek at Remote Desktop to Windows Phone 8.1 users

Microsoft promised that it would put out a Remote Desktop app for Windows Phone, and it's making good on its word -- provided you're an early adopter, anyway. The company has released a Remote Desktop Preview that requires Windows Phone 8.1 (which...

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Verizon and Google have spent over $6 million on lobbying in 2014

Two of the biggest names in American communications, Verizon and Google, are also two of the highest spenders in the world of political lobbying. In the last two years alone, the two spent a combined $63 million attempting to sway legislation in...

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Deals: The Name Your Own Price Mac Bundle 5.0

[This is an advertorial. Maclife gets a portion of each unit sold.]

There's never a bad time to add new applications to your Mac. Grabbing new tools to put to use on your favorite computer can help you master new skills, get more done, or just have a little bit of fun. You can add nine amazing apps to your Mac plus a video course to check out from the Name Your Own Price Mac Bundle 5.0, on sale now in our Deals tab.

Think of something you'd like to be able to do on your Mac. No matter what you've thought of, there's an app in the Name Your Own Price Mac Bundle 5.0 that can get it done. Get your iTunes in order, build a webiste, grab awesome screen captures, edit and enhance photos, recover previously lost data, run Windows programs on your Mac, make sure your passwords are secure, convert video, convert PDFs, and more. Plus, you'll get the Projects in iOS e-Learning Course to teach you about developing for iOS.

The apps of the Name Your Own Price Mac Bundle 5.0 would normally retail for $807. You can name your own price and still score the bundle. Match the average price to unlock everything or just pay what you'd like. 10% of whatever you pay goes to charity, so it's a win-win. Get this offer today!

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High school seniors conquer watery ketchup with 3D-printed bottle cap

3D printers have produced some pretty amazing (and scary) stuff, and now a pair of high school seniors have successfully used the tech to ensure they'll never have to eat a soggy hotdog again. Tired of the watery, separated ketchup you get from a...

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Scribd brings Lonely Planet guides to its book subscription service

Scribd's e-book subscription service is only six months old, and already it's working hard to hook some big names to convince you that it's worth $9 a month. The company has now snagged a deal with publisher Lonely Planet that'll see hundreds of the...

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King's Bounty: Legions unleashes cross-platform strategic combat on Windows Phone

Unity support has really helped some of the larger mobile games come to Windows Phone, even if we still get them later than other platforms. Case in point, Russian-publisher Nival has just published King’s Bounty: Legions on Windows Phone 8. King’s Bounty is a turn-based strategy series that started its life on Sega Genesis/Mega Drive long ago and continues to thrive on Steam.

King’s Bounty: Legions is exciting for a number of reasons. For one, it’s a serious strategy game and it’s free to play. More importantly, it supports cloud saves and cross-platform multiplayer via Facebook! You can start playing on Windows Phone and then pick up where you left off on Steam, Facebook, iOS, and Android. Read on for more impressions.

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Recon's deal with the 'other' Motorola could see a rugged Glass rival

Head-mounted computing specialists Recon Instruments is building quite a team to take on Google Glass. Last year, Intel offered both cash and its manufacturing and technology expertise, and now the "other" Motorola has followed suit. Motorola...

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